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Formulated By physicians Formulated by physicians
Formulated By physicians Natural ingredients
3rd party lab tested USA grown hemp
Enhanced Absorption Enhanced absorption


5-star ratings from 3000+ customer reviews

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I experience backaches and shoulder discomfort playing golf. PMT cream has become my 19th hole essential! It keeps my joints and muscles feeling great throughout my game and after my rounds on the course.

David R. / Age 42 / Verified buyer

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PMT CBD cream enhances my yoga and workouts by soothing any stiffness or discomfort, I have. It's been exactly what I need for recovery and keeping me active.

Sophia C. / Age 73 / Verified buyer

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PMT cream complements my yoga practice and helps me stay flexible and relaxed. I use it before and after my sessions and my focus and muscles have never felt better. 5-stars!

Olivia K. / Age 39 / Verified buyer

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Volleyball is demanding on my body, especially my shoulders and knees. The PMT cream speeds up my recovery. With PMT I feel like I'm back to my prime. Major ace!

Michael T. / Age 32 / Verified buyer

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PMT is now a staple in my gym bag. This CBD cream helps me push through my post workout soreness and my speeds up my recovery time, so i’m back in the gym daily.

Benjamin L. / Age 44 / Verified buyer

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After long rides, my legs used to ache and I would have to take long breaks between rides. PMT cream soothes my muscles, and allows me to conquer more miles back to back. It's a serious game-changer!

Cameron B. / Age 42 / Verified buyer

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Swimming is my passion, but my shoulders would often complain. Thanks to PMT cream, i'm able to glide through the water without experiencing joint discomfort.

James D. / Age 53 / Verified buyer

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Soccer is still my life in my mid-40’s, but it comes with its share of bumps and bruises. I use PMT on my ankles and knees before and after practice and games and I’ve been feeling amazing.

William S. / Age 45 / Verified buyer

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The PMT topical cream helps me deepen my stretch for better form by easing any tension, and backaches I have. Namaste to this amazing product. Thanks CBMD!

Emma J. / Age 35 / Verified buyer

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PMT is my secret weapon. It seriously helps with my body aches, muscle & joint soreness and speeds up my recovery. I use it before training and after sparing sessions. Let’sss go!

Miguel G. / Age 37 / Verified buyer

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PMT cream is a must-have in my workout regimen. I use it before after weight training and pilates. I’ve been able to workout more, with the faster recovery time. Definitely recommend this CBD cream.

Mila L. / Age 30 / Verified buyer

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I look forward to my annual ski trip, but my body always aches afterward. PMT cream has transformed my post-ski experience and helps me hit the slopes back-to-back!

Christopher B. / Age 58 / Verified buyer

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Being a gymnast is very demanding on my body. This CBD cream enhances my flexibility and supports my joint and muscle pain following workouts/routines. I’ve tried a lot of topicals and this is the one!

Daniel A. / Age 34 / Verified buyer

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Who says you can’t get barreled in your 70’s? This CBD cream is my post-surf ritual, relieving soreness in my knees and back, it allows me to hit the surf again the next day.

Scott M. / Age 71 / Verified buyer

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I love the simplicity of the CBD cream. It's easy to apply, quick to absorb, and perfect for post runs. My knee aches and recovery has been amazing after incorporating PMT into my workouts.

Mike G. / Age 40 / Verified buyer

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PMT helps ease the soreness and discomfort, I have and helps me achieve a deeper stretch during my sessions. I am feeling at my best and stronger than ever! 10/10 recommend

Ava C. / Age 44 / Verified buyer

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Climbing is both physically and mentally demanding. PMT CBD cream aids my recovery, and helps support my joint pain, allowing me to conquer new heights. Definitely worth it.

Steve S. / Age 62 / Verified buyer

PMT: #1 Recommended pain support cream by clinicians.

We've gotten nothing but stellar reports back from patients, staff, other physicians and family members. It's been a very successful use in our practice. It's nice to know that there's one brand that has consistent success and dosing. Patients really like that we have one option that we believe in and use it personally.

Leia Rispoli, MD

Interventional Pain Medicine
Disc Sports & Spine Center

I was pleasantly surprised by PMT Topical Cream from my own experience and the experience of my patients. For someone in an active pain cycle, I recommend to my patients that they use the product twice daily and today it’s a staple in my practice.

James Babana, PT

Orthopedic Physical Therapist
Push Through Performance

I would say 90% of my patients call us back after trying the product during their office visit to see how they can get more. It’s been truly impressive how remarkably positive the response of my patients have been. Having the CBMD Medical Team to rely on for patients questions has been an invaluable asset to me as I navigate questions unique to my patients.

Ariana De Mers, MD

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Restore Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

After I tried CBMD I was very impressed at the huge difference it made on my knee. I haven't gone back to diclofenac gel since. It's been effective on me every time. I know I can always rely on CBMD, Because I had such a good result, I feel good offering it to my patients, I feel more comfortable recommending CBMD to my patients than I do diclofenac gel.

Steve A. Mora, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Knee & Shoulder Specialist
Restore Orthopedics

I'm so pleased with this product. Some of the things that drew me to CBMD was that it was formulated and utilized by physicians, independent lab testing with comparable batches, ease of use, and tiny amount needed. CBMD is keeping my patients active. The success of my patients makes me excited to be part of the CBMD family.

Tammy Penhallow, DO

Pain Management, Regenerative Medicine
Precision Regenerative Medicine

I specialize in interventional pain management and musculoskeletal health, with a focus on sports injuries and recovery. CBMD has provided invaluable insights into the science and efficacy of CBD, which I've successfully integrated into my practice. We're actively working to advance the field to better help people and CBMD has enhanced our patient care options.

Nikhil Verma, MD

Interventional Spine and Musculoskeletal Specialist
Essential Sports & Spine Solutions Medicine

I'm a sports and regenerative medicine specialist. To have CBMD come on board as part of the armamentarium of a options that I offer for my patients and helps us fulfill our goal of providing top-notch care. CBMD is the first CBD that's actually made a difference. CBMD’s compatibility with different treatments makes it a great addition to our patient care.

Daniel A. Clearfield, DO, MS, FAOASM

Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

Motion is Medicine

I see patients daily with muscular and joint pain. I've tried CBD products in the past but was seeing inconsistent results. I started sampling CBMD PMT cream with my patients and immediately started hearing remarkable feedback from my patients. CBMD's quality and standards really make the difference. I recommend my patients try the PMT cream before using oral medications.

Nabeel Bourawi, DC

Chiropractic Orthopedist
Toledo Injury Center

Our job as physicians is to help our patients control pain. I’ve had chronic bilateral tennis elbow and I’ve done every treatment, physical therapy, dry needling, topicals and NSAIDs - the impact was minimal. When I tried PMT, I noticed the difference. I offer CBMD to patients, friends and family in pain. I’ve incorporated PMT into my treatments, and all my patients thank me after!

William Arroyo, MD

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Injectable Solutions

CBMD supports pre and post procedure pain. It’s a great adjunct for patients. Over the years, we’ve tried many different topicals, but our patients like PMT the most. It’s improved outcomes for both patients receiving regenerative treatments, and those who haven’t.

Thomas Nabity, MD

Pain Medicine, Physical & Rehabilitation Specialist
Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine

Clinician Image

There is an increasing amount of evidence based medicine and clinical studies on cannabidiol (CBD), and it is our intention at CBMD is to create the most scientifically structured and high quality CBD products currently available.

Matt Iorio, MD

Reconstructive Microsurgery - Upper Extremity
Specialist. UCHealth Anschutz Medical Campus

Clinician Image

Every day I see patients with joint and muscle pain. For CBD, I only recommend CBMD. There’s no other product I trust to provide them the pain support they’re looking for.

Steve Sampson, DO

Orthopedics & Regenerative Medicine
Orthohealing Center

Clinician Image

I’ve had a chance to use CBMD and can say I have been impressed! In professional sports, we're always looking for a competitive edge. I have been using topical creams for years and the ingredients in CBMD covers everything I could ask for. The cream goes on well, absorbs quickly, and creates a tingling sensation that is comfortable and soothing!

Arnie Kander

Vice President of Player Performance and Wellness
Orlando Magic

Clinician Image

CBMD has made a huge difference for many of my patients. I have seen the amazing pain support for patients not only with axial pain but also in extremities which I did not necessarily expect. It has been a wonderful addition to the options for non-narcotic pain support for my patients.

Victor Hsu, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Spine Specialist
Rothman Orthopedics

Clinician Image

CBMD has been a great addition to my practice, supporting my patients musculoskeletal spine and joint pain. After years of tip toeing around questions from patients about which topical CBD cream to use, I now have a reliable product that I trust to offer them right in my office.

Glenn Flanagan, MD

Orthopedics & Pain Management
Naples Regenerative Institute

Clinician Image

I chose CBMD because I believe in it. As a physician, I want to provide my patients with a product that has the support of medical science and this is what sets CBMD apart from all the other topical CBD creams on the market. While I love the product myself, I love the feedback from my patients even more.

Raj Desai, MD

Pain Medicine & Rehabilitation
Restore PDX