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Our philosophy

First do no harm.

We took an oath. Our commitment to responsibility, accountability, and patient outcomes is here in our products. With a focus on quality, efficacy and safety we're taking everything we know and applying it to provide quality products that consumers and healthcare providers can trust.


years of combined experience


peer-reviewed medical publications


patients under our care

Our mission

We eliminate confusion and illuminate the facts.

Every day we work to view CBD through the lens of science, infuse the conversation with knowledge, impart an evidence-based approach to the industry, and develop quality CBD options.

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Our vision

To reveal the full potential of responsible CBD.

CBMD® takes a different approach, built on scientific expertise and clinical insight. CBMD® traces the overlooked steps in CBD’s path to market, to realize a quality, medical-grade line of products.

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Our process

A higher degree
of care.

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Formulation 01

Our medical experience, our scientific approach, and high-quality CBD come together in our proprietary formulas, developed to optimally address individual needs.

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Sourcing 02

With exacting standards for quality, purity, safety, and efficacy, we evaluate each ingredient independently, and select optimal pairings to achieve the desired goal.

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Testing 03

Our products undergo rigorous testing and evaluation for potency, allergens, and harmful interactions. This transparent methodology helps empower informed decisions.

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Refinement 04

We continuously evaluate our formulations through emergent research and customer-based controlled studies, applying the data to build upon our scientific foundation and elevate our product standards.

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Are you a healthcare provider?

Like us, you want what’s best for your patients. If you have questions about the science of our products or want to learn more about partnering with CBMD® on customized formulations, let us know.

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